Kaleidoscope of Java is a tour program that will give you a memorable experience while visiting the magnificent Borobudur Temple.


This Special tour program is supporting all the art activities and education I have in Borobudur.





Our Program Tour

Sunrise Tour To Borobudur

Explaining philosophy of the Borobudur and story of Buddha Life
17 Januari 2018
playing a game with children in the village
17 Januari 2018
Explore the temple
17 Januari 2018
Prepare for lunch
17 Januari 2018

Booking for Sunrise tour Borobudur

Minimum 2 persons for this package.

Our Vision

A cultural, spiritual approach on Borobudur temple and Javanese philosophy.

Our Mission

1.Local Tradition

Supporting local traditions as a part of modern life.


Conservation of the beautifully surrounding environment.


Sharing of knowledge to the local community and increasing quality of life through education and health awareness



A Tour with a Difference This is not your normal tour where you are lumped with a herd of other tourists but feels more like visiting Borobudur and a other places with a friend. We were picked up on time and only joined by 2 other guests. Atik, our guide, was very informative not just about the temple but about the different religions surrounding it. We had a very informative chat. The visit to the village nearby and lunch were also very special. I highly recommend this tour.    

St. Julians